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Registered Charity No. 1127679

YPL has been part of life in Littleport since 2008, it started with the main aim of helping the young people of Littleport advance in life and develop skills enabling them to participate in society by providing recreational and leisure time activities in the interest of social welfare.


Since then it became a Charity in 2009, and has continued to evolve.  YPL now provides a huge range of services/amenities for local residents of all ages.  At first YPL only had the Centre in Granby Street but, is now spread over various sites (see below), each with its own range of activities and services. (click on either the pictures or logos below to find out more).

As you browse our website, we hope to show you what YPL has to offer.  Hopefully there will be something for everyone.  If you would like to become involved, or have some ideas, then YPL may be able to help, please do not hesitate to contact Phil on 07947 823 446 or yplittleport@btinternet.com


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Indoor Arena
The Centre

YPL Centre

Granby Business Centre

Granby Street


Cambs CB6 1NE

Tel: 01353 864 777

Mob: 07947 823 446

Email:  yplittleport@btinternet.com

The Centre

Worn Again Charity Shop

Now at The Centre

Tel: 07501 684 095

Email:  yplittleport@btinternet.com

Worn Again
Performing Arts

YPL Performing Arts Centre

11 Victoria Street


Cambs CB6 1LU


Tel: 01353 864 777

Email:  yplittleport@btinternet.com

Performing Arts
Look out
for our 
Indoor Arena
Indoor Arena

YPL Indoor Arena

Henry Crabb Road


Cambs CB6 1SE

Tel: 01353 861 391

Mob: 07947 823 446

Email:  yplittleport@btinternet.com

Indoor Arena

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Indoor Arena
Volunteers & Aims
Carpet Bowls
Table Top Sale
Tea Shop
Line Dancing

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