YPL is a registered Charity (No. 1127679) YPL Centre, Granby Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire CB6 1NE

01353 864 611 or 07947 823 446 or yplittleport@btinternet.com

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The Centre Indoor Arena Performing Arts

The YPL Centre Room Hire

Rules & Regulations

Anyone hiring all or any part of the YPL Centre (The Centre) agrees to endorse the following rules and regulations.  Where child(ren) are referred to, this is anyone 16 years of age or under:-

1. Opening Hours

1.1 The Centre Hours are:-     Monday - Saturday        08:00 - 22:00

1.2 New Year’s Eve and Christmas Parties                  08:00 - 01:00

2. Emergency Equipment and Evacuation Procedure

Emergency Evacuation Procedures are located on the wall near the front and back doors.

    3.2 No entry to The Centre will be permitted to anyone obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

    3.3 Any person or persons found to have alcohol or drugs will be instructed to leave the premises immediately;

    3.4 Bullying, shouting, physical violence, sexism and racism will not be permitted;

    3.5 Not to permit or cause the creation of public nuisance or disorderly behaviour;

    3.6 When leaving the premises, please do so quietly so as not to cause a nuisance to the neighbours.

4. Other

    4.1 All windows and doors to the ground floor and fist floor of the building to be kept closed during regulated entertainment;

    4.2 No child(ren) shall be admitted to see film(s) who are blow the age classification for the film(s) on show;

    4.3 No gambling or entertainment of an adult or sexual nature shall be permitted;

    4.4 No performances given will involve danger to the public;

    4.5 All children to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times;

    4.6 Permission to use the music equipment is given with strict understanding that no child(ren) are permitted in the music equipment room;

    4.7 Use of the kitchen is given strictly on the understanding that no child(ren) are allowed in the kitchen under any circumstances;

    4.8 Where child(ren) are present, all activities must be supervised by a responsible adult, this includes the Ball Pit, Bouncy Castle(s) and Trampoline(s);

    4.9 Use of The Centre’s car park is permitted but all vehicles and property are left at your own risk.  We do not accept any responsibility for any damage or theft to vehicles parked on these premises;

    4.10 Smoking is only allowed in the designated area which is in the car park near the back (disabled) entrance.  A cigarette bin is provided on the wall.

NB: Please return the signed and dated copy to YPL at  The YPL Centre, Granby Street, Littleport, Cambs CB6 1NE

Rules & Regulations

2.1 Ensure fire exits are not blocked by furniture or equipment;

2.2 Ensure all escape routes are kept free from obstruction and can be safely used;

2.3 Ensure fire doors are not wedged open;

2.4 That exit signs, the emergency lighting supply illuminating exit signs and routes are turned on the whole time the event is in progress;

2.5 That there are no obvious fire hazards on the premises;

2.6 Evacuation point is across the street outside the Dentist Surgery;

2.7 First Aid Kit can be located in the disabled toilet; and

2.8 Emergency Contact Numbers are:-

               2.8.1 Fire / Police / Ambulance                   999

               2.8.2 Phil Malkin                                             07947 823 446

3. Prevention of Crime and Disorder

3.1 No alcohol to be sold or supplied on The Centre premises;

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