YPL is a registered Charity (No. 1127679) YPL Centre, Granby Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire CB6 1NE

01353 864 611 or 07947 823 446 or yplittleport@btinternet.com

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The Centre Indoor Arena Performing Arts Auction Rules

1. Any Lots purchased in the Wednesday Auction must be collected by 5pm Friday unless otherwise agreed by Phil or Chris;

2.  Any Lots purchased in the Saturday Auction must be collected by 5pm Tuesday unless otherwise agreed by Phil or Chris;

3.  Anyone using a Bidder’s Number must settle their account before leaving the Auction;

4.  Unless otherwise stated, Lots are sold as seen.

Buyer’s Rules

YPL reserves the right to refuse any further left bids if you default in

picking up and paying for your items

Seller’s Rules

1.  We do not sell:-

      a.  Mixed boxes (boxes of miscellaneous);

      b.  Video Cassettes;

      c.  Cassette Tapes;

      d.  Items which are excessively dirty - unless it is a vintage or old item;

      e.  Alcohol;

      f.  Explicit Material;

      g.  Knives with a blade exceeding 3 inches (7½ cm).

2.  If we re-list any unsold items we will not payout until these items are sold or removed from the premises.

3.  All unsold Lots will be subject to a fee of 20p each Lot.

4.  Anyone buying or selling anywhere on YPL premises other than through the Auction will be asked to leave and will not be welcomed back.

5.  Due to the number of Lots coming in, it is advisable to either bring Lots in by midday Monday for Wednesdays’ Auction of by midday Thursday for Saturdays’ Auction.  If in doubt, ring Phil or Chris on: 07947-823-446 or 01353-864-611.